Tune in to Takoma Baseball Today, the T-Bolts' Official Podcast!

Keep up with the Thunderbolts’ pre-season doings by listening to Takoma Baseball Today, the T-Bolts’ half-hour podcast that covers the Thunderbolts as well as local and regional baseball. Join Thunderbolts founder and Vice President Dick O’Connor, Neal Lavon and Rick Stack as they discuss the T-Bolts roster, the latest happenings in the Cal Ripken League, and developments in local collegiate, high school, and youth baseball leagues. It’s a great way to follow the Thunderbolts and find out about what is happening locally in the nation’s pastime. We’ll also look at the Nationals and the Major Leagues as they pertain to our area and region. The podcasts are produced by the Thunderbolts and appear on the Media Menu tab of our website. Click on Media/Podcasts to listen on the podcasts host site, SoundCloud. Become a follower and learn when the next podcast is available for listening. It’s a great way to follow your team in the Cal Ripken League and makes being a fan a whole lot more fun!