Luke Rettig and Luke Trainer Talk Tbolts Baseball on WOWD LP in Takoma Park

Tbolts pitcher Luke Rettig of Lehigh University, and Luke Trainer, of Millersville University, joined the Tbolts Neal Lavon in speaking with Steve Hoffman of WOWD LP, about the Tbolts 2019 season. They appeared on a special half-hour live broadcast, Play Ball! Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts Opening Day, on the community station that serves the region.

They discussed their love of baseball, why they chose to take part in a summer wooden bat collegiate league, their off-the-field activities (they both like fishing), and how they approach the game once the action starts.

WOWD LP is a proud supporter of the Tbolts and covers the team with occasional interviews and reports. Host Steve Hoffman is a self-described baseball fan and wore his NY Mets T-shirt to the interview (we will forgive him that!).

Both players also talked about life as a student athlete, and some inside basball—like why Luke Trainer chose to be a catcher, and how Luke Rettig approaches pitching in wet grounds. There was also lots of information about the Tbolts and the upcoming season.

The Thunderbolts thank and appreciate WOWD LP for airing the program and continuing their relationship with the team. The local radio station and the local team—a winning combination.

WOWD LP can be heard at 94.3 FM on the dial and can be streamed at