Saturday's Games in Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League Cancelled

The Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League has announced it has cancelled all League games scheduled for tomorrow. The reason given was the predicted heat wave that should reach temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a heat index beyond that.

So far, Sunday’s games remain on the schedule but we will update you should the League reconsider that question.

The T-Bolts would have played the Gaithersburg Giants at Criswell Automotive Field in a 7 pm game. Two other games, the Grays at the Aces, and the Big Train at the Braves are affected.

On Sunday, the Bolts are scheduled to play the Bethesda Big Train at Blair with a start time of 6 pm in the last meeting of the year between the two teams. The Bolts have won one, and the Train, six.

With the number of games in the season now reduced to 38, the Bolts magic number has been reduced to three. Any combination of Bolt wins and Grays losses that total three would clinch second place for the T-Bolts. A Bolts win tonight would reduce that number to one.

The cancellations also have implications for the four teams currently in third through sixth place—the DC Grays, the Gaithersburg Giants, the FCA Braves, and the Alexandria Aces. At stake is seeding and home field advantage for the single game elimination if the Bolts clinch second place.

On Monday, the Giants and Braves have a critical doubleheader at Gaithersburg and the Aces play at the Grays in Washington. The regular season concludes Tuesday with four games; a doubleheader between the Giants and the Aces at Alexandria, and single games pitting the Grays at the Big Train, and the Braves at the T-Bolts.

Playoffs begin after the regular season.